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Connecting the right people to the right role

With over 30 years of combined experience working with world’s top recognizable startups, brands and Fortune 500 companies, you can trust Bridge to take the stress out in sourcing and placing the right people for the right role.

  • Commercial

  • Banking & Finance

  • Technology

  • Operations

  • Machine Learning


Building great teams for companies who are changing the world.

  • Expert Search

    • We go far beyond head hunting & job boards. Our searches are partner-led and based on deep specialist expertise – and typically on qualitative research that supports quantitative analysis. We add value by ensuring the talent is aligned with the culture and goals of our clients in order to encourage mutual growth and shared success.

  • Executive Search

    • We provide our clients with services that go beyond the rigid and traditional executive search model and tailor a solution that’s as individual as their business. Our ability to create deeper and meaningful relationships and generate data driven insights allows us to deliver custom, high-value results to world’s top startups and brands.


    • Our Team Builder solution is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. By understanding your company’s culture and processes, we develop and provide customized services and create curated events to ensure we consistently deliver expertly matched talent based on skills, experience and culture fit.

Because, why not?

Taking a long-term partnership approach enables us to provide a service that goes beyond head hunting.


Our in-depth knowledge and experience in your industry ensures the expertise needed to pick through potential candidates and bring you only the best options.


98% of our clients says that Bridge saves them time and about 44% on recruitment costs compared to traditional head hunters and job boards.

7-Day Endorsements

Our network gives you better access to professionals who work in the field you’re hiring in, enabling us to endorse pre-screened highly qualified candidate/s in as fast as 7 days.


Leverage our unlimited job posts advertised across 40 different outlets to reach only the best talent for the role.


We don't charge upfront fees and only pay for the result. We only make money when a candidate is successfully placed for the role. It's that simple.


Hiring is a dynamic process and even with the best care taken possible, sometimes situations and circumstances change. So what do we do? We guarantee it.

Ready to get top quality candidates in your door?